Double Dee's Saloon / Adult Club & Steakhouse

The all new, premiere country bar destination located in Wellington and West Palm Beach. We are a top of the line, fully-nude adult nightclub with a full liquor bar, exotic dancers, a unique food menu and Southern charm. No other adult clubs in South Florida can compare to Double Dee's Saloon!


Monday - Saturday 2 pm - 6 pm

Happy Hour Includes Half Off House/Well Liquor, House Wine, All Draft Beer, Import & Domestic Bottles.

Southern Steakhouse

Come enjoy your dinner with us upstairs at the Southern Steakhouse. Try our signature bone-in Tomahawk Steak and some of the best BBQ in Palm Beach County! View the menu here

It's almost noon, are you ready?


The Double Dee's Story

In the early 1800’s, new (and hungry) investors flocked to beautiful and lush Southern Florida seeking business opportunities and beautiful women. Seizing the opportunity, Ginny Dee, known to all as Momma Dee, built the Double Dee's Ranch and Saloon as a place for travelers to come put their feet up and enjoy quality entertainment.

While the Ranch served as a place to get delicious food, the Saloon provided a place for the friskier customers to settle in with some fine company.  The Double Dee's Ranch and Saloon soared through time, struggling and succeeding along with its customers and clientele, but always loyally serving the community.​

For nearly 100 years, the Double Dee's was passed down from generation to generation along Momma Dee’s family. Then disaster struck. A category 3 hurricane made landfall in Palm Beach County on August 16, 1871 causing a massive fire that burned Double Dee to the ground. The surrounding town was devastated, and nothing like it has been built since.  Until now.

In 2016, nearly 125 years since the fire took it out, the Double Dee's Ranch and Saloon is back and better than ever. We aim to provide an immersive and entertaining experience that will take you back to Momma Dee’s time: a time when adventure and opportunity was limitless, and when innovation was around every corner.

Whether you’re looking for great food or a fun night out, Double Dee's Ranch and Saloon will be your guide on a nostalgic and exciting trip back to those olden times. Featuring a large country bar, live music, line-dancing, and an interactive light show that will leave you speechless in the Ranch, and an experience of South Florida nightlife at the Saloon, Double Dee's Ranch and Saloon is always the place to be.